Things to do before the operation

It is practical to bring the following things to the hospital:

  • House shoes
  • A middle sized towel
  • Cleaning appliances (toothbrush, toothpaste, shower gel, comb, and in the case of long hair, hair gum)
  • Wet wipes (used for babies), washing glove, night dress is necessary, or pajama is more practical.
  • Outerwear with front buttons or fastener, or trousers or skirt with gummy waist and comfortable shoes for the leaving shall be brought before the operation.
  • We suggest to use Betadin liquid soap for the sterilization of the skin and taking bath on the eve of the operation. Avoid the usage of body lotion and other cosmetic products (makeup, perfume).

Leaving the jewelries home is useful, because they shall be taken off before the operation, and we cannot take care of their storage.

Bringing the ambulant sheet of the anesthetist including the results of the tests made before the operation and additional important information of you and the dose of the medication to be given before the operation are necessary. Take your usual medicaments (e.g. depressor) or medication considered by the anesthetist as necessary with a sip of water. Two weeks before the operation the full stopping of the consumption of salicylic medicaments (Kalmopyrin, Aspirin) and alcoholic drinks and smoking is suggested to avoid possible complications.

In the morning of the operation you shall appear with empty stomach. (On the eve of the operation a light supper and liquid may be consumed up to midnight. In the morning of the operation the consumption of coffee, milk, tea is not allowed.)

In your own interest give information about any change of your health that has happened since the examination of the anesthetist (e.g. soar throat, fever, coughing, herpes, and menstruation) at least at the submission of the application to the operation.

Following the operation the bath or shower is complicated, because the operational area cannot be wet. Therefore we suggest to use a wet washcloth or washing glove (for the cleaning of armpit, neck, and belly). The lower body can be cleaned by shower. The home procedure shall be similar, until the permission of the physician for a full shower.

The removal of the bandages and plasters put in the hospital is prohibited. They can be removed with the permission of the doctor.

You may leave the hospital in the morning between 8:30 and 9 h on the following day after the operation with the permission of the operating physician. Naturally, it can be changed because of the type of the operation (e.g. abdominoplasty). The doctor gives accurate information about the time of the control and the removal of the suture.

Rest at home is suggested, that is, you cannot perform any hard physical work, but you do not have to lie. You may not lift, lug and drive car for a while.

We hope that our brief information helps you in the preparation to the operation, and we called your attention to things that escaped your attention.