1. How safe is the silicon?

No examination has proved its carcinogenic effect or any impact damaging the immune system. Silicon is used in foods, cosmetics and implanted pacemakers.

2. Is the breast feeding possible?

It does not have damaging effect on the milk production and the health of the baby. Like the naturally big breasts can loose after the breast feeding, also the breasts with implants can do so.

3. Should the implant be replaced?

According to most of the manufacturers, the double shell implants filled with cohesive gel and supplied with cutoff used today are not necessary to replace only in case of operational complications.

4. Is the price correlated to the size?

Up to certain sizes belonging to the serial production of the company, the price is independent from the size. Usually, the price of the implant of size above 500 cc may be higher with 20-30%, in the case of bigger sizes it may be increased with 50%-100%.

5. Where is the implant placed?

Basically, it can be placed in two different places: either under the big pectoral muscle or under the mammary gland. In the last case, the implant is placed between the pectoral muscle and the gland. When the implant is implanted under the muscle, only the upper two third part of the implant is under the muscle according to its anatomical conditions. (In the case of certain new methods, less is there.) Every questioned plastic surgeon has different opinion about the right position. On the congresses disputes arise about this issue. Both methods have the same advantages and disadvantages. Therefore both methods have been used. In most cases the implant is placed under the muscle, because the edge and the crinkles of the implant would be seen on the skin because of the thickness of the adipose tissue and the glandular substance. The implant placed under the muscle pains more, shifts more easily, but there are less complications and possibility for ligament atrophy. The supporters of the placement under the muscle put the implant under the muscle also in the case of big breasts because they consider that they loose more hardly. They are right, but the form of the breast can be unpleasant when a relatively big breast looses because of the gravitation and the age leaving the implant and causing a double contour of the breast.

6. How to place in?

There are several solutions. The implantation may be carried out through an infra axillary section made around the breast and led through the mammilla or through a section of the wrinkle under the breast. All of them have advantage and disadvantage. There are different opinions on these methods, depending on the plastic surgeon's preferences. The scab under the armpit is hidden, but the operational area is far from the gate of entry. It may be performed by the technology of endoscope correctly. It makes the operation more expensive, and in case of complication a section under the breast becomes inevitable. In the case of the process through the mammilla the milk meatus can be damaged, and the outgoing meatus of the mammary gland can be closed, causing tumefaction or inflammation. In the case of the section around the breast (and through the mammilla) we reach the operational area through the mammary gland that may contain bacteria not causing complains in the meates after baby delivery and breast feeding. Notwithstanding, they may cause inflammation in the case of the implantation. If the recovery of the lesion is not perfect for any reason, an obvious scar may be left. In this case a scar in the middle of the breast and the mammilla draws the sight. A section in the wrinkle under the breast remains hidden even in the case of obvious scar, and results the safest entry.

7. Should it be massaged?

The opinions on this topic are different. The massage is used in the case of the complication of ligament atrophy usually. According to the statistical surveys the results of surgeons not performing massage is not worse than ones of surgeons doing it after the operation.

8. What kind of dangers can the operation cause?

Complications can occur despite the most cautious medical work. The success of the operation is important as for the plastic surgeon as for the patient. The dissatisfaction may cause a problem that may be recovered by 20-30 satisfied patients. Despite all these I do not have any colleague who did not face to complication during his practice. Observing the professional rules accurately and up-to-date knowledge can decrease the rate of the complications. The complications occurring in the plastic surgery are similar to ones happening in different professions of operation. While a complication following the herniotomy causes temporary discomfort usually, a similar complication occurring after breast implantation can cause the failure of the entire operation. In the course of an operation of breast augmentation the following complications can occur frequently: hemorrhage, inflammation, disorder of innervation, disorder of the recovery of lesion, ligament atrophy, wrinkle, shifting of the implant.

9. Is the cancer examination possible?

Yes, it is. The physician performing the examination shall be informed about the implant. An experienced radiologist can perform an X-ray examination, but the cancer examination may be performed by ultrasound examination too.

10. Can I fly?

The problems caused by implants in the course of flying are a misbelief. If it was true, what would happen to the carbonated drinks on the board?