Complications may occur despite the most precise work of the surgeon. Success is as important for the surgeon as for the patient. One unsatisfied patient can cause such damage to a surgeon's reputation that only after 20-30 satisfied patients may the balance be redressed. In spite of these facts I do not know a colleague who did not have to face with some kind of complication.

By rigorously following the rules of our profession and ensuring we are always up-to-date with the latest techniques we can diminish the risk of complications.

The common complications in plastic surgery are almost the same as in other surgical professions, but a complication following a hernia operation usually means some temporary problems for the patient, while a similar complication following a breast augmentation would mean the failure of the whole surgery.

There may also be specialised complications, such as capsule formation in the breast following augmentation. These complications are individually outlined in the relevant sections.



Damage to nerves

Difficult healing

Skin and tissue necrobiosis