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Breast lift and augmentation

After child-birth or losing weight the sagging and atrophy of the breasts may be so advanced that the problem cannot be solved with simple enlargement or lifting. In the above case both operations need to be applied in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Information about this complex operation is accessible in the preliminary presentation of the two types of operation.

Breast lifting with augmentation before-after pictures

  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-01
  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-02
  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-03
  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-04
  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-05
  • breast-lifting-surgery-with-implant-before-after-06