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Breast surgery

The breast plastic surgery is the comprehensive name of different operations. The female breast is one of the most frequent organs where aesthetic or recovery operation is carried out. The category of breast surgery includes breast lifting, breast reduction, breast augmentation, cessation of breast deformation, and possible operations of the nipples. We describe and show the pictures of the accessible results by the types of the operations in details.

The silicones used by us are marketed in Hungary and meets the European and American standard. The touch of the silicon content corresponds to the touch of the female breast; the content of saline solution is harder.

According to our scientific and clinical data the silicon gel implants do not cause sicknesses.

The silicon implants do not affect pregnancy, breast feeding and the health of the breastfed child disadvantageously.

The operation is carried out at anesthetization, therefore to stay in hospital for one day is recommended. The wearing of fastening brassiere for 3-4 weeks at home is suggested. The patient can start to work a week after the operation.

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