About plastic surgery

Aesthetic surgery is the branch of the plastic surgery, where we the operations are done just because of cosmetic reasons.

The basis of aesthetic surgery is plastic surgery which has evolved from procedures developed decades ago. The most significant techniques among these are the making of the incision and the a-traumatic treatment of the wound.

Incisions made during an operation are categorized in two major styles according to their position; these being necessary incisions and practical incisions, respectively. We talk about a necessary incision when an abdominal surgeon chooses the safest and the best approach for an illness inside the abdomen. In his respect a resulting scar is not significant, because it is "just" an aesthetic problem. For him the first priority is to resolve the internal complaint; he considers getting in and closing the wound of less importance. In the case of a practical incision the surgeon pays greater attention to the making of the incision, possibly on a hidden part of the body and in the most appropriate direction. The final healing process is also taken into great consideration.

While closing the wound such a stuture technique is used that the yarn is run under the skin, and it only comes up from the skin 2 or 3 times in case of a long wound. This is a way of avoiding scars such as the stereotypical "ladder scar". Moreover, being careful about the edge of the wounds results in linear healing, after which remains just a thin scar.

Over the years several techniques have been developed, leading to better results and greater safety. In the following section we will get to know these procedures body part by body part.